"Nik was a lead moderator at our biennial Network Conference for 240 global Chairs and CEOs in our Wallenberg group of companies.


His excellent moderation contributed to ensuring the closed event was a huge success. Our post-event survey concluded it was the ‘most appreciated conference since 2005’.


Nik received largely the top rating of ‘Very Good’ from participants. We appreciated especially his pre-conference commitment plus his contribution of ideas, insights and preparation for key issues and interviews. We look forward very much to working with him again."

- Investor AB

"A sincere thank you to the team at Thinking The Unthinkable for encouraging us to seize the moment and lay the foundations for the next chapter of FFI’s history. Our collaboration brought a sense of pace and urgency, encouraging us to embrace opportunities and rise to the challenges ahead. There has never been a more important time to think the unthinkable."


- Mark Rose, CEO, Fauna & Flora International


“I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Thank you so much. It was a super brainstorming. Thank you for pushing us to ensure it was a success. The feedback was very good.”


“Your opening session was fabulous and a success. Really, really professional. It exceeded expectations.”

Nik co-chaired the Opening Session of SOM 2020 from his study in London. It was a hybrid of virtual and in person.



“I must mention, you were simply cool, effective and in full control. This is what an experienced broadcaster does (I keep participating in the webinars and was able to see the difference!). Please count me in, as fellow traveller in all your future endeavour.”


“…it was a pleasure to participate, the questions were deep and sharp on issues of climate, pandemic and pollution nexus. You were as fabulous as ever.”


“The content was excellent & the speakers were interesting but best of all was the format. Nik chaired it expertly - each contribution was short & punchy, he marshalled the questions well & pushed the speakers to answer.”


“It was a pleasure to participate, the questions were deep and sharp on issues of climate, pandemic and pollution nexus. You Nik Gowing were as fabulous as ever!”


“Succinct, excellent questions and topics, and straight to the important topics. Very nicely done.”


“The quality of the presenters was outstanding for their knowledge and their vision of trends along with the evidence for their confidence. The discussion was very energising. Excellent chairing and selection of questions by Nik.”

- Climate Action virtual event, 2020



“A huge thank you for the superb moderation of our two BF sessions. It is always great to have you with us.”
- Dr Ian O Lesser, Vice President, Executive Director Brussels

“Thank you so much for moderating two great Brussels Forum sessions this week! We received some feedback from yesterday’s speakers emphasising what an outstanding moderator you are - I couldn’t agree more!”

“Thank you again for helping us make the first virtual Brussels Forum a success!”

- Louise Langeby, Deputy Director, Strategic Convening and Operations



“Thank you so much for helping us deliver another exciting and super interesting ‘Emerging Stronger’ webinar conversation.”


“We love working with you, and developing this series, as the world moves forward and as the discussions evolve. I thought it was really interesting conversation and an interesting mix. You are a true star, and we are very honoured to have your support with this and the summit.”

- Peter Sandberg, Managing Director, Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK


“Very well done Nik. You are a star.”

- Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chair of AB Volvo, Chair of European Round Table for Industry, Chair BP 2010-18



“My warm thanks for the friendly, collegial interaction and all the hard work and persuasion that you put into making it such a smooth and professional production. Without your feedback and nudging, the result could have been very different!”


“Thank you so much for today: you pulled a truly remarkable session despite the technical issues. [The CEO] could not even remember the glitch from the beginning in the end!”

- European Business Leaders Convention, 2020



“Nik Gowing is an unbelievable moderator.”


“Probably the best I’ve ever attended for, and I HAVE attended and was on a lot of panels.”


“Amazing subject matter knowledge and fielding questions from audience, as well as making difficult subjects into comprehensible chunks.”

- Global B20 Meeting, 2020



“…On stage, Nik was brilliant and knew how to ask the right questions to speakers and audience so to setup the stage for a rich discussion between speakers and audience and speakers during the panel discussion.”


“This is the second time we had Nik moderate our Forum. He did a fantastic job for our event.”

- MASIC Investment Forum



“There’s something about this intimacy.”


“The fact that Nik Gowing can basically draw something out of every single person in the room when he is facilitating a session is very very special.”


“Part of me wants to tell the world and part of me wants to not tell a soul!”

- Steve Marshall, Premier of South Australia at the Australian Leadership Retreat



“We were all very grateful both for your “interview” and the presentation of TtU, both of which energised the participants and led to their citing you or your ideas almost incessantly thereafter.


“I believe the presentation jolted them somewhat into, indeed, thinking the unthinkable and drew them out of their sometimes cosy attitude to what needs to be done or, rather, how it needs to be done.”

- UN Sustainable Development Forum



“You pulled a legendary slot out of the bag this pm.”


“Really very impressive.”

“You put others to shame. Well done!!!”

- Future Investment Initiative






"Your contribution was outstanding and was a large part of what made it so successful. I cannot thank you enough for taking on the challenge and for turning it into such a success"



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