"We have recieved positive feedback from our guests, who were highly impressed with your session as well as the other plenaries. The Eurasia Group was especially pleased that  you praised their report on stage...I do look forward to speaking with you again". Temasek Foundation, Singapore - September 2017


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"I would like to extend our utmost appreciataion for your brilliant moderation at the MEET event. We have recieved great feedback from our members who thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session and the directions you lead it. The event was very insightful, and the audience very much appreciated the opportunity to join the discussions about the investment industry."
Swedish Chamber of Commerce - June 2018 


"Our discussions before the conference were crucial in shaping the format and the dynamics of the event. Your moderating during the conference was brilliant. Once again you created an energetic and stimulating atmosphere. Thank you very much" -

European Business Leaders Conference - June 2018


Thank you for your proffesional support, moderating the panel session - particularly at relatively short notice. Our feedback is highly positive (as expected) - specificially that you quickly took command of the brief, understood and intrepreted what we had in mind, interacted well with the panellists and put them at ease, and successfully guided the discussion - striking the right balance between challenging questions and conversation steer to ensure that each panelist had the opportunity to contribute. Overall, the discussion appeared well structured and flowed naturally" - Major Global Corporate - December 2017 


You scored very high with an overall score out of 10 of 8.44, which is great.  Delegate feedback was very positive, a snapshot is below for your information:

  • Very informative, very topical, need to rethink my role
  • Engaging & interesting.  Very good presenter.  Quite a confronting subject to start the day
  • Might have been better if you had not pulled him short
  • Opened my eyes as to the extent of disruption impacting the world
  • Excellent information, entertaining and hopeful
  • Good thought provoker to start day with
  • Loved the external macro view and his perspective/insights
  • Insight, thought provoking, makes people think now about what needs to change
  • Set the scene for the day
  • Challenged the status quo – what will influence the environment we operate in – confronting

- October 2017 - Melbourne - Big Ideas Summit 



"Thank you again for our fantastic session.  You’ve somehow manged to take the recent cacophony of extreme global events, and distil them down into a narrative that people can relate, act and apply to the their corporate environment. I overheard one participant, discussing over drinks, say something along the lines of “I’ve been in falling asleep in management meetings all week and then I came here tonight and WHAM! Now I’m finally thinking”. November 2017 - Lausanne


"I very much enjoyed working with you in the role of moderator for the main session. I very much appreicate your invaluable expertise, that helped us to make the session much more interesting and "hot"". June 2017 - Kazakhstan 


"Thank you so much for the excellent job you did chairing our Russia Debate last night. You were absolutley on top of everything and brought a terrifc expertise, knowledge and wit to the proceedings. The speakers were clearly all very happy with how it went and the audience could not have been more engaged" - June 2017 - London Event


Thank you so much for your inspired presentation and discussion. Its pretty difficult to exceed expectations when the expectations are as high as mine were for your presentation, but somehow you managed to do just that. You truly opened people`s eyes and gave us a challenging way to think about our roles....thank you for setting the stage and providiing the context for our discussions with a truly great opening. I look forwars to future collaborations. 6th April 2017 in the Conrac Hotel, New York City


"...thanks in great part due to you, we had a great and successful Davos! I want to express my deepest gratitude for your over-the-top professionalism and genuine talent at not just moderating our sessions but actually making them!....The reviews and comments from our guests were over the top" - Major Corporate Event, Davos 2017



"We would like to thank you sincerely for your excellent management and moderation of the opening plenary of OEB16. Your suggestions regarding timings to ensure interaction and dialogue - as well as your management of the highly explosive dialogue during the sessions were - as always - first class and highly professional and very much appreciated by our audience!.....We look forward to working with you again in the future. We all appreciate your commitment to the cause and the event" - December 2016


"I had the privilege of experiencing your amazingness at the BSR Conference in NYC......Thank you for being one of the REAL BOLD ONES!. Thanks for making that conference a little less like the twilight zone and more like the real deal. Inspires me to keep on keeping on" The Be Bold Conference - November 2016 


"I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks for being with us for the plenary at our recent conference in New York. You were a great hit at the conference, and the clarity of the vision you articulated inspired the crowd...and i am sure is now providing a sourc of inspiration as people consider the uncertain direction promised by election results.....Donald trump`s election has been such a great proof of concept for "Thinking the Unthinkable," and yet at the same time, i am deeply grateful that you are causing people to think differently about managing through our "interesting" times". Nov 2016


"Thank you for your outstanding keynote presentation yesterday. It was a terrific way to kick off the Forum and helped the entire group recalibrate their expectations for he day and indeed for the profession!" CEO Airmic - November 2016


"The sessions you moderated were one of the most well-recieved sessions of this year. Especially there were many people who mentioned about your session with Ambassador Sherman that is was worth attending" -WKF - October 2016



"Thank you for your efforts, the session was very meaningful; participants roundly praised it. Thank you for your leadership of the session....full of inspiration" - Director-General for International Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology" - October 2016


“Working with Nik brought the Global Green Growth Summit up to a level where it all looked effortless. The background preparation and time that he dedicated to the Summit many months in advance laid the groundwork for a truly excellent event. His attention to detail on both the logistical side and also his focus on content meant that when inevitable minor issues arose on the day, they remained minor as everything else ran like clockwork. The key challenge of the day was a 5 hour morning stretch with no breaks. Thanks to all the preparation, Nik breezed through this, keeping both the audience and speakers engaged and alert with many moments of valuable interaction which simply would not have happened in anyone else’s hand. It is always a pleasure to work with someone who is at the top of their game, as Nik is, I hope to get the opportunity to work with him again in the future.” GGI Summit - Sept 2016


"..the first thing that comes racing to my attention is that your moderating our breakfast not only met my expectations but honestly far exceeded them" - Breakfast Debate - January 2016


"The Leaders Panel, well everybody said that you did an excellent job. You almost turned water into wine, as one participants really had a tough job" - Bled Strategic Forum 2016


" always, you were phenomenal in creating a good and dynamic atmosphre. Impressive!" - Corporate Bank Event - August 2016


Of course we had great speakers and great participants but I do put a lot of the credit down to you and your professional approach to your role and the work you put into it beforehand. Your ability to lead the interllectual dialogue and pull it together to give everybody a valuable experiences in in my opinion rare - Michael Roux, Founder ADC Forum, Australia


"I would like to sincerely thank you for doing such a superb job moderating in Nairobi. Your role and valuable contributions ensured that the event ran smoothly and resulted in an successful outcome" - Conference in December 2015


"I was so impressed with the way you moderated the big session. It was an awesome session and you managed that crowd like there was only 3 people!" - Meeting in September 2015 


“To say your presentation has inspired people is an understatement! Many, many thanks for your graciousness in accepting our invitation and please do consider follow up visits to venues across Iraq.” Nik Gowing gave his ‘Skyful of Lies’ presentation in Baghdad to IREX Iraq, 


"It was a very good session. As always thank you so much Nik for your professionalism. It is thanks to you that we could make it a success despite the difficult circumstances. And of course, you were right abou the format and the room" - World Economic Forum India National Strategy Day - November 2015 


"Thanks (again) for your supberb monitoring of the panel and the discussion; everyone I spoke with afterwards appreciated your witty and fast-paced approach to handling the questions and responses. Your background on TV talks shows was obvious, and a nice change from the traditional panel moderator approach" October 2015 Conference


"You helped create a vibrant atmosphere for lively debates, and the exchange of opinons. We have recieved so many positive praises as well as from the buisinessmen, diplomet corps, young professionals and all other who attended the forum" Event in Slovenia - August 2015 


"Thank you so much for everything. You truly did an outstanding effort during the day. I am so grateful. I have recieved many letters with praise. All of them mentioning your ability to both raise important questions and to engage the audience, creating a very stimulating and friendly atmosphere." - Conference in Sweden - August 2015


"Nik was brilliant....he moderated the panel with bravour. We (as well as minister and president) are very satisfied as well as the guests of the forum" - Bled Forum - August 2015


“Your drive and energy were key. Those who had not seen you in action before were amazed. . . . . You should feel mission accomplished as we do.” Nik Gowing was opening moderator at the IMF Meeting in Korea


“An excellent, thought-provoking and challenging presentation. It really was quite special. Many people went away from his talk seriously wondering if we are as well-prepared as we need to be. Let’s hope we never have to find out.” Comment on his ‘Skyful of Lies’ presentation to Emirates senior executives. 

"What is [also] noteworthy was the appreciation of my staff in working with such an experienced and challenging professional...You succeeded skillfully to steer the day and to create a different, interesting and entertaining event with a captive audience...[you drove]a provocative series of debate[s] in a marathon session which would have been impossible without your captainship".
President - World Business Council for Sustainable Development


"The response to the Business Day, both from those that attended from the COP negotiations and from our own members and CEOs, has been overwhelmingly positive. In no small part was this due to your moderation and leadership of the plenary sessions and your guidance and support to us beforehand. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience working with you and learnt much to take with us into the planning for our future events."

"Many thanks for your guidance and skilled execution of the day. Without you – it would have been a lesser event"  Praise for Nik following his chairing of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development business day in Copenhagan


"With your professionalism, our discussions on critical challenges facing the energy sector were channeled in such a way as to share a maximum amount of information in an interesting and dynamic way...thanks so much for helping to make this year's IEA Ministerial such a success."
Nik Chaired the International Energy Agency Minsterial Meeting


"I would like to reiterate the IMF's appreciation for your absolutely critical contribution to what we feel was a very successful conference. I know that President Kikwete and the Tanzanians feel the same way...In terms of the conference, your session, in my view, was the turning point. You injected edge and energy into the proceedings...Your session was the fault line event."
The International Monetary Fund on Nik Gowing

"For me, your contributions leading panels and interviewing Dr Kissinger were highlights of a really interesting day. I was particularly pleased with the outcome of the Kissinger interview which I know from feedback received left many awe-struck…thank you once again, it was a pleasure working with you."
Barclays Capital – Asia


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"Your contribution was outstanding and was a large part of what made it so successful. I cannot thank you enough for taking on the challenge and for turning it into such a success"


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