Conference Chair & Moderator

Having been deeply involved with major world news events over the past three decades, Nik is a highly sought-after chair, moderator and keynote speaker at international conferences.

He has an international portfolio of commitments that draws on his extensive experience over almost three decades in diplomacy, defence and international security. He was head-hunted by the BBC from ITN, where he was award-winning Diplomatic Editor for Channel 4 News in London and for 18 years covered most of the world's major news events.


Designer/Producer of Conference Formats


In his role as moderator, Nik plays an active role in helping to create a more dynamic and powerful event - working with the client to help advise and structure the event to get the maximum benefit to those attending.

Nik is also often asked to consult on the design and format of the events he is asked to moderate and has helped to introduce cutting-edge ideas to events including the use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media streams during the event itself - creating greater accessibility from the floor and encouraging greater delegate contribution.

Using social media, Nik secures new levels of E-engagement between speakers, panellists and delegates. Ideas and thoughts from panellists during sessions are picked up swiftly and E-challenged by delegates. 
The added value from Nik’s facilitation of a positive, timely E-flow exchange of ideas is proven and much appreciated by both organisers and delegates alike.

Public events have included:

  • Boao Forum For Asia Annual Conference 2007 and 2008
  • Televised debates between the world's leading corporate and government figures at successive World Economic Forums in Davos (1996 to present) and New York (2002), plus regional summits in Delhi (1998- ), Jordan (2003, 2004, and re-invited for 2005), Warsaw on the eve of EU accession (2004), plus Doha and Singapore (2005).
  • 150-minute interactive debate among 600 airline CEOs and senior airline executives at the annual meeting of IATA (International Air Transport Association) 2004 - to date.
  • Six sessions 'in the round' for 600 delegates over two days at the annual World Travel & Tourism Council in Doha, Qatar (2004). [appreciations available]
  • Annual televised debates between the Nobel Prize winners at Nobel Foundation award ceremonies in Stockholm (1999 to present ).
  • Closed sessions of European Business Leaders' Convention, Helsinki (7/2003). CEOs/Chairmen of leading European Corporations + bankers, political leaders, government officials [appreciations available] Re-invited for televised debate in 2005.
  • Business conference, 600 delegates, major corporate sponsorship. IT & Telecommunications in the Arab World (2003,2004) [appreciations available] Re-invited for 2005
  • Public debates on global water and environmental challenges (including issues of corruption) at annual Stockholm Water Symposium (2000 to present).
  • Televised round table debate for major global leaders at Ambrosetti European House, Lake Como, Italy (2004). Re-invited for 2005
  • Club of Madrid Democracy and Terrorism Summit of global leaders to mark the anniversary of the 3/11 Madrid train bombings. (2005)
  • Town Hall meeting and open debate with Egypt's new prime minister for international political/business/diplomatic audience of 600 in Cairo (12/2004)
  • Televised debate with senior global energy experts on 'Energy Challenges', Delhi (12/2004) Invited audience.
  • 2-day European Union E-Skills Summit conference jointly hosted by the Danish EU Presidency and a consortium of international IT companies led by Cisco. 350 delegates. Copenhagen.
  • Televised debate between European leading business and political figures on European enlargement for BBC World 'The Business of Enlargement' in Solvay library, Brussels. (November 2003). Included business and political leaders from most of future 25 EU nations. Brussels.
  • Business conference in Veracruz, Mexico Business Summit, October 2003.
  • Two sessions, including one with Heads of State and Government at the UN World Information Society Summit in Geneva, (12/2003)
  • Sessions at World Economic Forum/Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) meetings in Harare, Zimbabwe and Durban, South Africa involving regional presidents, government ministers and company chairmen/CEOs.
  • Annual Hay Festival sessions, including with Bill Clinton in front of 1100 audience (televised by BBC)


"Your contribution was outstanding and was a large part of what made it so successful. I cannot thank you enough for taking on the challenge and for turning it into such a success"


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