NIK GOWING


Nik has been keeping busy during the lockdown, and is receiving plaudits for his virtual hosting.

"I must mention, you were simply cool, effective and in full control. This is what an experienced broadcaster does (I keep participating in the webinars and was able to see the difference!). Please count me in, as fellow traveler in all your future endeavor."

" was a pleasure to participate, the questions were deep and sharp on issues of climate, pandemic and pollution nexus. You were as fabulous as ever"

UN Webinar - April 2020


Nik Gowing was a main news presenter for the BBC’s international 24-hour news channel BBC World News 1996-2014. He presented The Hub with Nik Gowing, BBC World Debates, Dateline London , plus location coverage of major global stories.


Nik is one of the world's leading and most respected conference facilitators and moderators. His speech "Thinking the Unthinkable" has been presented at international conferences around the world.


"The second Nik arrived he took command as the Forum’s moderator. He suggested great ideas we implemented which helped reinforce audience engagement with the speakers...

...On stage, Nik was brilliant and knew how to ask the right questions to speakers and audience so to setup the stage for a rich discussion between speakers and audience and speakers during the panel discussion. This is the second time we had Nik moderate our Forum and he did a fantastic job for our event. "

Nik chaired the MASIC Investment Forum in February 2020


"Thank you for a wonderful workshop.  You were wonderful, and it would not have been a success without you.

 I appreciate your partnership in this effort, and I hope our paths cross again in the future to continue to advance this important topic."
Nik Chaired a major international conference in 2019


"Brilliant moderating. Everyone`s saying so and talking about what you achieved. You created real energy and engagment" - International Conference, Berlin December 2017


"...the feedback has been superlative....there are few persons with your skills and professionalism in this area and no-one to my knowledge who approaches the task with such diligence and enthusiasm. If there was such a title as "inspirational facilitator" you would wear it well" - ADC Forum - June 2015


I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and discussion. It was a rare gift of broad perspective, deep knowledge and critical thinking, and offered several points for further questioning and thought. 

I only regret it was not a couple of hours longer, followed by a deeper discussion. This would have been a real pleasure. It is a precious opportunity to hear this broad perspective and questioning. Lausanne - November 2017 


"Thanks for having done those two sessions which worked well in our view. That format works and you are just darn good at this!" -Major Global Investment firm - March 2016

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